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Unique marketing for kitchen fitters

Are you frustrated with the ups and downs of leads for new kitchens?

Whether you have a physical presence or design and fit remotely, we can help build your brand awareness and high quality qualified enquiries with no competition.  

For those in kitchen fitting, the industry can be unpredictable.

Word-of-mouth referrals are essential for building trust and reputation—but they don’t always guarantee a steady stream of business. Obviously these are the finest form of advertising and an easier journey due to the customer service you provided previously.

To make up for shortfalls or gaps between jobs, some turn to alternative platforms with purchased leads that are sold multiple times to other companies or take on jobs based on a race to the bottom over price and we all know the worst installs are the ones that are under priced.

Generate Your Own Lead Generation on tap

That’s why we’re on hand: to create custom lead-generation systems tailored specifically for you so that your income is secure without having to spend an arm and a leg doing it with guaranteed results.

You continue to show off your beautiful kitchen designs and we will help produce you the leads allowing you to grow your busiesses.

With the changes in mobile technology, the majority of people are using their mobile phone multiple times hourly. This also creates a greater opportunity to present your kitchen fitting or planning services at the right time.

 Having the right online presence and visibility of the presence has never been more important.

Whether you have a showroom that is visible or not increasing your online presence is something that shouldn’t be ignored

Once you have new Kitchen inquiries how do you deal with them?

We look at customer management systems that are normally too costly which will help you acquire leads on autopilot. There is a statistic that the speed at getting back to customers is paramount and can effect 80% of initial enquiries.

This will deal with missed calls, out-of-hours calls and nurturing quotes you have with customers out in the field.  Again this is set by you and totally bespoke to how you work.

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What are your competitors doing?

It’s a question many kitchen fitting companies ask, especially when they see their competitors busy. We have invested heavily in technology that allows us to look at a market and see what is working and more importantly what isn’t working.

With our competitor analysis tool, we can work out the right strategies for you and your business that will bring in the quickest return on investment.

Plus things are not always as they may seem, but we can give you real time insights into what is happening. 

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Advertising for kitchen fitters

Google has become a huge part of everyone’s daily activity when we are looking for the answer to something.

Google My Business – is a powerful tool that is used correctly for local area searches and growing your reputation. It’s free to create and we can help automate how you capture reviews. 

PPC for kitchen fitters is also a powerful tool for making sure you deliver your ads to customers who are searching for the answers to their problems, in this case, kitchen fitting.

These people see your ads and visit your website but do they take action? Where are they in the buying cycle?

These two factors need identifying and dealing with in different ways.

This will also help with segmentation and moving forward customers want to have a personalised experience when they deal with your company.

We can help turn these visitors into customers some short term and some will be longer term but it is definitely no good just having a website hoping visitors will just call. 

We manage ads of various company sizes across a number of platforms from Google’s PPC all the way through to video marketing. 

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SEO Services For Kitchen Fitters

Our team deal with seo daily

As part of our Marketing for kitchen fitters, we can advise and help with SEO. Appearing organically in the search results saves on advertising costs and is part of the local area domination you need. 

Besides a long understanding of this marketplace, we have invested in the very latest search engine optimisation tools that will help your business thrive and we create a straightforward plan with milestones to make sure that you achieve an ROI.

Getting your website found organically is a must have strategy and helps eliminate the needs for ads, it takes longer to complete but also has a longer lasting effect.

As well as ranking far better in search engines you will also create a better user experience which will lead to a higher number of conversions.

We provide a full service including content creation specifically for kitchen designers & fitters that will resinate with your customers. 

user experience (UX) and user interface (UI)

Improving both these has fantastic long term effects on your sales & conversions.

SEO strategy for Kitchen Fitters

Let our award-winning digital marketing team transform your search engine rankings

Keyword Research

We will discover what your potential customers are searching for and where your biggest gaps are for most effective wins

Technical SEO

We will make sure your website has the most effectve architecture to be prsented and ranked correctly in search engines for both on and off page seo.

Quality Content

Creating the right content for your website is super important an our inhouse writers will make sure your contect is on point.

More Enquiries

Increae your enquiries and their quailty for bwetter long term results through a sold SEO plan.

Better Conversions

Because you have a better customer experience you will receive more and better conversions to your business.


When investing in seo services you need to be able to see a return on investment, we produce reports monthly to give a clear understanding of what has been acheived.

Web Design for Kitchen Fitters

Illustration showing pc, tablet, laptop and mobile phone website design

We have seen many people buy websites on looks alone which is great for the initial appearance but your website should provide quality leads.

Gaining leads for your business is essential to growing and strengthening its presence. 

Here at Solutions in Marketing we understand our client’s needs: not only do their websites have to look great, but they must also be structured in a way that can easily be read by search engines. 

Our goal isn’t just designing beautiful sites – it’s making sure these become powerful tools able to increase engagement with potential customers while generating quality leads around the clock. 

The perfect Kitchen fitting & planning website design should make people want more from what your company has to offer!


Let us help you to generate more inquiries for your business

If you are tired of pricing for kitchen refits that always seem like a race to the bottom regarding price then let us help you create the right strategy for you. 

For a limited time only we are offering a free marketing appraisal of your business in your area. D

We take your information and carry out an audit and come up with an actionable plan. We then share the plan with you at no cost.

What’s the catch?

There really isn’t one, if after hearing our plan should you wish to start generating leads through any of our recommendations then we would like to think you would consider our services either now or in the future.

Our Marketing for kitchen fitters plans are as unique as your business.

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Marketing for Kitchen Fitters

What's Involved

Simply answer a few questions around your business and once received one of our consultants will carry out the research along with an actionable plan.

We appreciate your time and we will offer valuable advice based on the audit of your area .

We only ever work with one kitchen fitting business in one area

Free Marketing Audit

This complimentary session grants you the opportunity to discuss your business requirements with one of our experts, helping us gain a comprehensive understanding of how we can be invaluable to you.

You don't have any commitments afterward; it's simply an opportunity for us to show just what kind of support and strategy are available at no cost!

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Working with Solutions in Marketing was very straightforward forward and I am pleased with the ongoing support for my business.

Suzan P. Thompson


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I really got a lot from the discovery session and it was an eye opener, I got more from the session than expected. I was able to move forward with my business

Paul Clarke


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I was pleased to have long and short-term solutions and introducing me to a real marketing strategy that has produced more leads than I could have imagined.

Mark Riley


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we can help you develop a system that creates referral customers automatically.

Once we have your information one of o0pur consultants will take a few days to create your results and this is why we can only offer a limited number of sessions. 

This very much depends on where you are with your business and what you are looking to achieve. Our audit will produce a blended plan of free and cost based solutions.

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