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Digital Marketing for Tradesmen

Generate a consistent flow of leads for your Trade/ Home Services business

A row of tradesmen from all different trades including a plumber, builder & electrician

Home services business attract recommendations from previous customers due to the customer experience  which is great and the finest form of lead and advertising your business will want to receive.

These referrals create a steady flow but come in troughs & peaks and if you are looking to grow your business, creating a consistent flow of new business leads is super important.


Start Growing your Home Improvement business toady.

We can help make it easier for your business to be found online.

How does Digital Marketing for Tradesmen Work?

an electrician at his van looking at his phone

How do you create a consistent flow of quality leads?

There are a number of improvements all business can make dependent where you are on your business growth journey here is an overview of the way you should market your business.

If you look at other business owners that always seem busy but also seem to have more free time they have found a consistent way of growing their business.

Marketing is very much like baking a cake if you use a consistent recipe and have the correct process in place you will always be successful.

We provide solutions that create automation in your business allowing you to not get bogged down with tasks that don’t do anything for turnover besides being able to help with generating high quality leads that will convert. If you subscribe to leads currently which are then picked up by 3 tradespeople stop chasing leads and create your own in house lead machine. All with money back guaranteed results    

What are your competitors doing?

It’s a question many home services  companies ask, especially when they see their competitors always busy. 

With our competitor analysis tool, we can work out the right strategies for you and your business that will bring in the quickest return on investment. Start plugging the gaps in your marketing based real data. 


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Start Generating More Leads Today

Advertising for tradesmen

Graph showing google analytics results of marketing for kitchen fitters

Google has become a huge part of everyone’s daily activity when we are looking for the answer to something.

Google My Business – is a powerful tool that is used correctly for local area searches and growing your reputation. It’s free to create and we can help automate how you capture reviews. When customers consider purchasing 70% will look at  reviews when they are in the consideration stage, we know that some trade business simply don’t have time to be collecting reviews, however we have a great process that we can build into your business that will collect reviews for you on auto pilot as well as alert you to comments and when new reviews are posted allowing you to concentrate on customer installs or repairs.   

PPC for trade businesses is also a powerful tool for making sure you deliver your ads to customers who are searching for the answers to their problems they are currently having whether that be faults or searching for new installations.

Social Media Ads – this is a fast changing market and done correctly using the latest Ai technology and the platforms back end systems (please don’t boost posts) there is a great opportunity to cut through the noise and land qualified leads to your inbox. If you currently only use social media for all your customers we would hoghly recommend geting thise followers etc into a system of your own as platfoms can change over night.

These people see your ads and visit your website but do they take action? Where are they in the buying cycle?

We can help turn these visitors into customers some short term and some will be longer term but it is definitely no good just having a website hoping visitors will just call. 

We manage ads of various company sizes across a number of platforms from Google’s PPC all the way through to video marketing with outstanding results and we make sure these are cost effective, whatever money you put in you need to see a worth while return on your investment which allows for any advertising to pay for itself.  

SEO Services For Trade Businesses

Our team deal with seo daily

As part of our Marketing for tradesmen we can advise and help with SEO.

A longer term strategy but will help with organic rankings and has a long term effect. If your looking for instant leads its best not to solely rely on SEO, so why not mix it with our other lead generation services.


Besides a long understanding of this marketplace, we have invested in the very latest search engine optimisation tools that will help your business thrive and we create a straightforward plan with milestones to make sure that you achieve an ROI.

Getting your website found organically is a must have strategy and helps eliminate the needs for ads, it takes longer to complete but also has a longer lasting effect.

As well as ranking far better in search engines you will also create a better user experience which will lead to a higher number of conversions. 

user experience (UX) and user interface (UI)

Improving both these has fantastic long term effects on your sales & conversions.

SEO strategy for Tradesmen & Home Improvement businesses

Let our award-winning digital marketing team transform your search engine rankings

Keyword Research

We will discover what your potential customers are searching for and where your biggest gaps are for most effective wins

Technical SEO

We will make sure your website has the most effectve architecture to be prsented and ranked correctly in search engines for both on and off page seo.

Quality Content

Creating the right content for your website is super important an our inhouse writers will make sure your contect is on point.

More Enquiries

Increae your enquiries and their quailty for bwetter long term results through a sold SEO plan.

Better Conversions

Because you have a better customer experience you will receive more and better conversions to your business.


When investing in seo services you need to be able to see a return on investment, we produce reports monthly to give a clear understanding of what has been acheived.

Websites for Tradesmen & Home Improvement Businesses

Illustration showing pc, tablet, laptop and mobile phone website design

We have seen many people buy websites on looks alone which is great for the initial appearance but your website should provide quality leads.

Gaining leads for your business is essential to growing and strengthening its presence. 

Here at Solutions in Marketing we understand our client’s needs: not only do their websites have to look great, but they must also be structured in a way that can easily be read by search engines. 

Our goal isn’t just designing beautiful sites – it’s making sure these become powerful tools able to increase engagement with potential customers while generating quality leads around the clock. 

The perfect home improvement business website design should make people want more from what your company has to offer!

Let us help you to generate more inquiries for your business

If you are tired of pricing for jobs or calling leads you have purchased to find someone has already been there or quoted below market value, which is always seem a race to the bottom regarding price then let us help you create the right strategy for you. 

For a limited time only we are offering a free marketing appraisal of your home improvement business. We need just a few details and then can give your a market insight and you will understand where best to focus your marketing efforts to start improving enquiries.

We take your information and carry out an audit and come up with an actionable plan. We then share the plan with you at no cost.

What’s the catch?

There really isn’t one, if after hearing our plan should you wish to start generating leads through any of our recommendations then we would like to think you would consider our services either now or in the future.

Our Marketing for Tradesmen plans are as unique as your business.

results diagram

What's Involved

Simply answer a few questions around your business and once received one of our consultants will carry out the research along with an actionable plan.

We appreciate your time and we will offer valuable advice based on the audit of your area .

We only ever work with one home improvement type in one area

Free Marketing Audit

This complimentary session grants you the opportunity to discuss your business requirements with one of our experts, helping us gain a comprehensive understanding of how we can be invaluable to you.

You don't have any commitments afterward; it's simply an opportunity for us to show just what kind of support and strategy are available at no cost!

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What Our Customers Say About Us


Working with Solutions in Marketing was very straightforward forward and I am pleased with the ongoing support for my business.

Suzan P. Thompson


Mans face smiling with a blue jumper

I really got a lot from the discovery session and it was an eye opener, I got more from the session than expected. I was able to move forward with my business

Paul Clarke


Testimonial Mark Riley

I was pleased to have long and short-term solutions and introducing me to a real marketing strategy that has produced more leads than I could have imagined.

Mark Riley


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we can help you develop a system that creates referral customers automatically.

Once we have your information one of our consultants will take a few days to create your results and this is why we can only offer a limited number of sessions. 

This very much depends on where you are with your business and what you are looking to achieve. Our audit will produce a blended plan of free and cost based solutions.

Digital Marketing for Tradesmen lead examples

A plumber attending a job inspecting drainage pipes

Plumbing Leads

Plumbing leads for emergency call out, drainage issues and common plumbing issues.

A plumber fitting a boiler

Boiler Leads

Generate leads for new boiler installs and servicing enquiries. Also includes ECO Funding leads

a man fitting roof tiles on a new roof installation

Roofing Leads

Generate new roof installation, storm damage and roof repair leads.

an electrician at his van looking at his phone

Electrician Leads

Rewire and repair leads for domestic and commercial installations.

A builders hand laying a brick whilst building a wall

Builder Leads

Construction leads for  extensions, new builds and repair, create a consistent flow of customers based on their buying journey.

Double glazed window with a double glazing profile on the window sill

Double Glazing Leads

Double glazing leads specifical for the type of jobs you like from new double glazing installations to repairs. The choice is yours

2 men fitting solar panels to a roof

Solar Panel Job Leads

Get solar panel job leads that are ready to buy direct to your inbox. The Renewable Energy sector is a sought after service. 

before and after split picture of a kitchen renovation.

Kitchen Renovation Leads

Create a consistent flow of new leads for kitchen renovation. Whether you have a retail premise or a mobile business we can create these leads for you. 

a decorator decorating a room with a paint tin on a ladder

Decorating Job Leads

Decorating job leads for domestic & commercial customers perfect to grow your decorating business.

A landscaped Garden

Landscaping Leads

Job leads for your landscaping business. Whether its garden design, landscaping or garden maintenance leads your looking for we have you covered.

A man plastering a wall

Plastering job Leads

Looking for plastering leads, lots of people are improving as opposed to moving we can generate you new plastering enquiries.

a newly laid driveway with grey brick

Driveway Job Leads

Generate driveway, patio and new paving leads for your business. Paving & driveway installers are highly sought after.

a garden room in a garden

Garden Room Job Leads

With more people working from home & entertaining at home there are lots of opportunities for extra space with garden room job leads.

a driveway being pressure washed showing a clean and dirty half

Driveway Cleaning

Job leads for driveway, patio, decking and garden cleaning. We will help you generate local enquiries to grow your business.

a finished loft conversion with grey furniture

Loft Conversion Job Leads

Generated loft conversion job leads, fill your sales pipeline with qualified leads, knowing where your prospects are in their buying journey.

showing a building having exterior wall insulation fitted

Wall Insulation Job Leads

Whether its cavity wall or external wall insulation we have you covered. People are buying to save energy or use funding. Landlords are also improving. 

An electric Vehicle Charging Unit on a house wall

Electric Vehicle Charging Point Installation

Job leads for electric vehicle charging stations no matter if your looking for domestic, landlord or commercial installs we can create qualified leads.

2 heat pumps outside a building

Heat Pump Job Leads

Domestic & commercial air source heat pump  installations along with air conditioning job leads which are on the increase. 

Cream Bathroom as a result of marketing for bathroom fitters

Bathroom Renovation Leads

Create New job leads for Bathroom renovation. Superb opportunity as many customers are looking at upgrading and need advice. 

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