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Solid content marketing & content strategy is what sets you ahead of your competitors

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You have a website but want to improve the traffic to  your  website or increase  enquiries.

You have lots of traffic to your website but want to increase your conversions, by increasing sales from these visitors.

Need a Digital Presence

You need a new, or want to change your website to have a better digital presence and enhance your business.

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Solutions in Marketing - Our Services

Pay per-Click Marketing

Create more visability and more quality enquiries with PPC advertising.

Search Engine Optimisation

Get the right people to your website organically with on and off page SEO

Social Media Marketing

Create the right connections on Social Media and turn them into customers. 


Create a website that not only showcases your business to the right people but also generates leads for your business.

Convert More

Generate more leads to your business helping growth using your current assests.

Close More

Have a lot of leads but having problems turning them into sales?


Social Metrics

Don’t play hide and seek with people who are searching for you.

Our solutions are as individual as your business.

We use a variety of tools to be able not only measure success but also the scalability of your business whether your a sole trader or a multi -national

We offer a Free Audit of your current plans and offer unbiased advice, to find out more simply book a call below

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Jump in the social media pool! The water’s fine, we promise

Social Media Marketing Agency -Virtually everyone now consumes a great deal of one Social Media in one form or another.
Make the right connections on Social Media that will turn into followers, fans and real customers.

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Don’t play hide and seek with people who are searching for you

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What Our Customers Say About Us


Working with Solutions in Marketing was very straightforward forward and I am pleased with the ongoing support for my business.

Suzan P. Thompson


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I really got a lot from the discovery session and it was an eye opener, I got more from the session than expected. I was able to move forward with my business

Paul Clarke


Testimonial Mark Riley

I was pleased to have long and short-term solutions and introducing me to a real marketing strategy that has produced more leads than I could have imagined.

Mark Riley


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